Private Label Mortgage Banking Services

Viking Advisors understands that Commercial Banks want to grow their franchise through Commercial Relationships. Residential mortgages present a whole host of regulatory and staffing requirements that a Commercial Bank does not need in this day and age. That is why Viking Advisors has teamed up with a national savings bank to provide Private Label Mortgage Banking Services. There is no cost to the bank and the return can be HUGE!

· Are you tired of losing your clients to the Big Banks because you do not offer 30-year fixed mortgages or FHA/VA products? With our Private Label Mortgage Banking Program you can now offer a full suite of residential mortgage products to satisfy every qualified applicant at no additional cost. In addition, we will help you to solidify your relationship with your client by establishing a direct debit payment from an their account at your bank.

· Are you trying to develop more core deposit and commercial loan business? Are mortgage bankers are trained to analyze the client’s financial condition and ask for the business.

· Are you afraid that you are not in compliance with Regulation O? Now you officers and directors have a source for their personal mortgage loans that are away from the prying eyes of the examiners and the bank staff.

· Are your retail bankers and tellers just order takers? Our professional mortgage bankers can train tellers and retail bankers how to give a referral and provide proven sales scripts. This can help to develop the sales culture of the bank.

· Are you concerned about your reputation? If you are passing leads to a mortgage broker, then you may have some reputation risk. Our partner is regulated by the OCC and has an impeccable reputation and delivers Class-A customer service.

· Are you worried about the potential buy-back risk that is inherent in joint-venture agreements that require you to participate in the origination process and perform certain duties? With our program we are responsible for the loan, not you.

Contact Eric Hubbard today to discuss the Private Label Mortgage Program. 847-834-9897.

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