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A brief “overview” of Eric Hubbard, the banking professional behind Viking Advisors, LLC.

What motivation do you bring to your new clients?
I love to meet new people and the challenge that these opportunities provide. Each situation is different and it calls on all my skills, experience, and brain power to develop working solutions.

What are some of your areas of specialty?
I have a great deal of experience working with a community bank (less than $1 Billion in assets), that is facing or is under a regulatory order and has a significant (>10% of assets) of non-performing assets. These types of banks frequently have been losing money and need capital or closure is a distinct possibility if the regulators force them to mark down the value of their loans. My personal expertise is of great value to the client bank as it may be under a lot of stress and may have lost some of their best talent to stronger banks. The community banks are fatigued, burned-out, out of ideas and need help, but usually are loathe to increase their expenses to bring in fresh talent.

As an independent consultant I am able to shore up the existing staff because I have been through the gauntlet and I am still alive and well.

  • I can advise the bank on what to expect from the regulators and can provide advice on how to survive the next exam or visit.
  • I can produce all of the reports that are required and comply with all of the items that are contained in a typical enforcement action.
  • I can provide extensive experience with non-performing assets and have successfully reduced these assets at other institutions. As an example I have superior Impairment Analysis and Defense Skills and saved a bank $2 million in charge-offs which gave them a longer life and more time to find capital.
  • I can lend the excellent leadership and team building skills that are required in crisis situations.
  • I have run a bank in a high-stress situation and know how people (clients, employees and regulators) react in this situation..

I can help to:

  • Calculate and defend Loan Impairment Allocations,
  • Workout and or Collect problem loans,
  • Stabilize, improve, manage and dispose of non-performing assets,
  • Recover loan charge-offs,
  • Prepare banks for examinations and interface with examiners,
  • Sell performing and non-performing notes,
  • Develop Capital Plans and Raising Strategies,
  • Develop new Loan Policies,
  • Strengthen Bank Credit Culture,
  • Diversify the Balance Sheet,
  • Improve Loan Portfolio Management/Monitoring,
  • Bank Marketing, Customer Market Share,
  • Deposit Growth,
  • Improve CRA Performance,
  • Start an SBA Loan Program, and
  • Supply a Private Label Residential Mortgage Banking Platform.

Call Eric Hubbard today for a review of your situation. 847-834-9897.

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